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We welcome our producer from Switzerland 

Dance music, Dance pop, Deep house

Check out his new song exclusive to YRUK coming out this month, stay tuned and show us your support.

Spoke started his career during the explosion of electronic music when organizing his own crazy after-hours parties in the woods in Switzerland. Owner of the label "Progressive State" his releases also appears on famous labels like "Sirup" or "Tidy" to name some.


"Everything" is a house song with an easy beat and a killer rhythm. Music producer Spoke from Switzerland has crafted this professional track with high-quality sample beats and workable production. "Everything" is an adorable song with a male vocalist that makes you want to dance to the beat of your own drum as you sing along.

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He was born in Strasbourg and was introduced to the piano at the age of ten. As a teenager, during a trip with his parents to the Balearic Islands, he discovered the Centre of the International Clubbing scene, Ibiza. At the age of eighteen, he joined the largest club in the world, Le Privilège, reaching a capacity of 10,000 people.

We welcome singer and musician from France 

Dance pop, Deep house, Electropop, House music, Nouvelle scene stay tuned and show us your support.

French DJ Producer, Jérémy Arnold, launches his new program “Music for the People”. In 2015, he attracts the attention of the label Pool E Music, created by the international DJ, Antoine Clamaran, and releases his single “Aera”. On September 25, 2017, he produced the title “Shake” as a duet with Ella Loponte. To date, the Venezuelan singer has generated more than 7 million hits on Spotify with her song “Strangers”, a real anthem of summer 2017. Simultaneously, his work as a DJ naturally leads him to travel the world on a regular basis. Jérémy Arnold builds his career step by step, in a coherent way. Today, he presents his new single “Let It Go”. Always acitive, this passionate person has only one true love: music.

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We welcome our producer from Germany 

Dance music, Deep house, Electronica

Check out his new song exclusive to YRUK coming out this month, stay tuned and show us your support.

FireAndy's Echo
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Andy’s Echo produces and performs electronic music with live guitar, vocals and synths. The Hamburg-based multi-instrumentalist, singer and live act cultivates a unique sound that combines high energy electronic beats, meshing guitar licks, songwriting, dreamy vocals and trippy sound design. This amounts to genre-bending and exceptionally danceable music, ranging from technoid to melancholic with a psychedelic feel.

Within the first two years of his live activity, Andy’s Echo already played shows at Übel & Gefährlich, Ritter Butzke, Mensch Meier, Dockville Festival, 3000º Festival, Reeperbahn Festival, in Switzerland, in South Africa, all over Germany, and at the Virtual Burning Man. In May 2020, Andy’s Echo had his debut EP ‘Thrill Me’ on 3000º/Acker Records and he will release new music in 2022 on Katermukke, Stil vor Talent and 3000º Records.


We welcome our producer from Ukraine

Dance music, Electronica

Check out his new song exclusive to YRUK coming out this month, stay tuned and show us your support.

MidnightOrganic Mood
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Check out this latest track by EDM producer Organic Mood. This track has a great chilled tribal melodic sound. Great for any chilled our session. Like follow and keep up to date for more from this producer.